How We're Different

We want to grow with you. Domtrak has a site licensing agreement. This means that your network can grow without incurring additional licensing costs to run Domtrak. We offer cost effective satellite office and mobile office solutions as well. 

Third Party Integration

Flexibility is important when it comes to choosing the right Practice Management Product. We let you choose which Digital X-Ray product you want to use. The Domtrak program can be combined with most popular digital products. 
Patient Gallery

Email Without Monthly Fees

Email can be a very valuable tool to a busy office. Reaching out to patients is easy and can be done with little time consumed by you but can have a remarkable impact on your practice. Reminding patients, they need to come in for a checkup or simply sending out a newsletter quarterly keeps you in their minds and can bring them back to your office.

Our Focus Is Software

We are dedicated to achieving a higher standard for software. How do we do this? By offering our clients 24/7 support we are here whenever you need us. During business hours, you can speak to someone right away when you need help. Focusing strictly on software means that we can stay on top of changes in the industry and ultimately the needs of our users. 

Mixed Dental Practices

Domtrak is one of the few companies which works effortlessly for offices with denturists, dentists and hygienists. Our offices enjoy this advantage without additional costs for adding these providers to their systems.

Remote Back Up

Backing up your computer’s information is one of the most important tasks in your day. In the event of a fire, theft or hardware crash, your back up is the only way to get you up and running with the least amount of data loss and reduced down time. Regular proper backups through an off-site encrypted service is the best protection for your office. Domtrak clients can choose this protection if they do not already subscribe to their own service.

Gaining A Competitive Edge Over your Competition

Offices have a lot of competition in today’s market. Being able to bring in new business by making sure potential patients know about your office is crucial. Make sure you have the right web presence. Speak to one of our professionals today.
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