Domtrak offers Denturists a software program which is tailored to you. What this means to you is that we take into account that there are likely times when you do not have front desk staff who can help you with billing and patient entry. We understand that means you need a program which can work with you and expedite the information process so that you can focus on providing care to your patient. We do this by offering you single click options to enter notes, bills and appointments. We take care of you by giving you flexibility and tools to make sure that even if you forget to do something or don’t have time to do it, the software can help.

Electronic Charting

Charting is now quicker and easier than doing it manually. Select from a wide range of drop down options to illustrate the current condition of the mouth or planned work. Quickly show a full denture with a single click option. Use customizable notes to record any treatment or observations for the patient. Provider’s may add color to notes to make critical information stand out more.

Patient Billing

To expedite the billing process, we use short cuts or prepackaged code groups that create a bill in a few easy steps. Professional looking receipts, statements and claim forms are a single click away. Errors are greatly reduced because procedure code fees and lab fees are already preset but with the flexibility to change anything on demand.

Production Reporting

No additional effort is required to generate income and production reports which are essential to judging the health of your business. Watch your practice grow from month to month through our procedure code breakdown report and dayend and monthend reporting.

Referral Reporting

Understanding where your patients are coming from whether that be through advertising ventures or other offices is important towards structuring your marketing effectively. The Domtrak program takes information you already have to create this valuable information.
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