A practice management software should be simple to learn. Require the least amount of steps but still provide outstanding complete results on demand. Domtrak accomplishes this by making the entry of patient’s information easy and convenient. Reducing the number of key strokes and mouse clicks not only reduces errors, its frees up more time to communicate with patients and build the relationship that is needed to create a good environment that makes patients come back to your office.


Domtrak Dental Charting is charting without the conformity and learning hurdles that come with most products. Anyone can create a full chart using our on screen drawing technology for accuracy and  precision. At the same time, choose from a variety of custom predesigned procedures and conditions which can quickly be added to the chart with a simple mouse click.


This is more than just a billing screen. Its everything you need in one place. Review the patients recent chart or view past billing history and estimates while you prepare the patient’s invoice. Click a past bill to repeat it, use prepackaged codes or short cuts to quickly create a bill.

Specialized Monthend

Domtrak provides a trackable, clear audit history. All transactions are recorded and reported on your dayend and monthend report. Choose to show details or just a summary. Clearly see production and payments for each individual provider.

Data Screen

The starting point of all patient records begins in the Patient Data Entry screen. Use already present patients to create a template for family members that already includes their contact and insurance information. Store complete insurance details for any patient even if the subscriber isn’t a patient of your office. Store as much or as little information as you want for any patient without restrictions.
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